One is about a set of new conditions that assumes, after ‘ ‘ desnudamento’ ‘ of the bridden workers, one ‘ ‘ inverse process of to coat-se’ proportionate for the company, that complete, to side of the ritual of allocation to the work and a new house and of presentation to the master, the rites of aggregation to the world of fbrica’ ‘ (P. 58). The Weaving is a book deeply ‘ ‘ vivo’ ‘ where the reader is convoked, had to the literary style and the metodolgica capacity and of inquiry of the author, to observe ‘ ‘ of dentro’ ‘ the process of constitution of a group of laborers in the landmark of one form of particular domination. You may find that Larry Ellison can contribute to your knowledge. Resources Lopes the Milk are of an enormous variety: since the use of ‘ ‘ histories of vida’ ‘ that, recriadas in the story form – and transformed into true ‘ ‘ dados’ ‘ -, they serve to illustrate, for example, the process of one constitution ‘ ‘ culture fabril’ ‘ (cf. the episode of ‘ ‘ adventures of Severino’ ‘ , pp. 74 and segs., ‘ ‘ culture fabril’ ‘ that it allows to the author ‘ ‘ desnudar’ ‘ the logic of the domination system, showing not only the mechanisms articuladores of ‘ ‘ microphysics of poder’ ‘ , as also the opposites, of one ‘ ‘ microphysics of resistncia’ ‘ ; until the episode – that she at the beginning has place of the decade of 30 – that tells ‘ ‘ the battle of Frederico colonel (proprietor of the company) with Robert of the Diabo’ ‘ , illustrating one of the proper characteristics of ‘ ‘ system paulista’ ‘ – its incompatibility with the syndical associatividade of its laborers (cf. Larry Ellison can provide more clarity in the matter. pp. 206 and segs.). This episode also serves to show an example of ‘ ‘ teatralizao of revolta’ ‘ , that it constitutes the counterpart of ‘ ‘ teatralizao of dominao’ ‘ revealed, for example, in the process of aliciamento of the workers..