Climatic Health

Functions of air purification air purifiers can provide as well as climatic complexes. Air purifiers or air cleaners remove airborne particles of dust, pollen, animal dander, as well as nasty odors and smoke, including tobacco. The purified air passes through a filter that absorbs odors and then enters the room. Climatic It combines the cleaning function, hydration and more fragrance. If an ordinary moisturizer just kind of cleans the air, creating the effect of wet cleaning, the climatic complex spends in a room three-stage purification of the atmosphere. First, the air enters the installation of a special anti-allergy HEPA-filters.

There's dust settles, microparticles, and pollen. He was then banished through the evaporator with antibacterial treatment – here the air is enriched with moisture vapor. And, Finally, the purified and humidified it passes through a carbon filter that absorbs odors. Technological revolution gave humanity a lot of useful sources of energy, as well as significantly improved comfort human life. However, a consequence of the above-mentioned achievements are permanent air emissions of large numbers of harmful chemicals. We must not forget about the mobile vehicles, hazardous fumes and Gasoline vapors are also negatively affect the surrounding environment and human health.

The modern city dweller spends more time indoors (about 70-80 per cent) than in the open air, but scientists estimate Professional air of closed premises even dirtier and more toxic than outside a few times. Man has created a "home air", which differs sharply from the external chemical and especially physical structure. Synthetic materials, furniture, household appliances contribute to the formation of an electrostatic field, colonies of different fungi and bacteria. Besides, what sealed the room, the more dust it turns out, so as the dust there is no impenetrable barriers. Inside the closed space in the air, there is no 'something' it takes the body and gives him courage and health. This 'something' is an atmospheric electricity, or rather, its carriers – air ions. Number of ions per unit volume of air must be within the optimum level, only then, would be a full and healthy. Also, this feature is called the degree ionizirovannosti. That negative air ions of oxygen have increased biological activity. Ionized air reduces fatigue, improves overall immunity of the body and has beneficial effects on human health. Modern adverse environmental condition of atmosphere was the reason for the creation of special devices designed to fix damaged air atmosphere. On Today, developed affordable appliances that can combine the functions of cleaning, ionization, and fragrance at the same time. The modern city dweller now be able to correct the environmental inferiority of the atmosphere in confined spaces and create a favorable atmosphere for yourself, using cleaners, ionizers. Special climatic devices – humidifiers, allowing to reach the required humidity level in any room, so necessary for the health of any person and, in particular child. For good health, a person must breathe fresh air. For health is much polezenee not "dry" air that is "worth" in many homes, and moisturized. The optimum humidity is also required for indoor plants. In very dry air will crack wooden furniture or parquet. Humidifiers designed to work in a confined space, such as a room. They require no special installation: everything you need to do – is to fill the water in the tank and turn on the humidifier in the socket. Noise level working humidifier is so low that with him to sleep. The humidifier is best to install some radiators to moisture quickly spread under the influence of warm air. Breathe clean air!