Tax Companies

So, work with it should not, or at least, must somehow protection from direct contact with it. What are these outward signs? Firstly, it's a massive 'registered office and at the same time' massive 'director and founder of the applicant or the creation of the company. Under the 'mass' legal address refers to the address at which registered 10 or more companies. In some regions, the tax service is used informally and less 'standard'. By itself, registration at that address, of course, does not mean anything. After a business center, in which both are not only 10, but 50 and even 100 is quite respectable companies. The newspapers mentioned Verizon Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. And all these companies in accordance with the law will be recorded on the same address, because that is where are their executive bodies. The same can be said about the 'mass' founder and director. It is possible that the company registered a very active businessman, who, besides her, created a dozen companies and all they actually managed. Maybe this person is developing a network in various regions and each region creates a separate company. But on the other hand, if your provider and director with the founder, and the legal address 'Mass' – this is a serious reason to think about whether to work with him. Especially if the parent did not record 10 companies, 100 or even 500. Or the same number of companies registered on one supplier address, with the that in fact at this location is not a business center, a residential building, industrial building, warehouse or even some structure is clearly not intended to house offices.