Basic Advice

More information in Tel 914413866 1. – In case of traffic accident and if you have suffered injuries by a wreck goes to Urgencies and it asks for medical report. 2. – The traffic accident within 7 days Communicates to your insurance agency. 3. Go to cloud computing for more information.

– It is important to fill up (in the place of the facts) the friendly part that they facilitate the insurance agencies to you, gathering the data of which takes part in the traffic accident and to sign it, making a brief description of the traffic accident, or if so, to ask for the presence of the competent Forces of Security with a view to take data and to raise the corresponding report, where appropriate. Eye with the declarations that gather the agents in the place of the facts, before signing to read them them at great length. 4. – It is fundamental always to keep documents regarding the traffic accident, medical reports of the hospital, information of rehabilitation, invoices of repair, etc. 5. – It remembers that you have a term of SIX MONTHS to formulate the denunciation or the term of a YEAR if is decided to go by the civil route with the presentation of demand. The form is important in that you write up the same since will not agree to you that some data is reflected that can mistake the reality of the happened thing. You do not doubt before in asesorarte properly.

Deciros that our experience is moving away to us more and more to transact the subjects by the penal route when verifying that the forensic doctors, generally and in our opinion, unjustly usually does not pick up the totality of the damage who cause the victims of traffic accidents, being compensated. We prefer, always according to the tactical missions, other systems like the extrajudicial adjustment with the company and through expert medical information of our Center, or, case in nonagreement, to go to the civil route where our experts defend the complete indemnification that is due to perceive based on the injuries that suffer the harmed ones by the accident. 6. – If any consltanos Insurance agency proposes any indemnification before to you, because they do not offer the totality generally than really they must compensate.You do not accept without consulting to us, okay is almost impossible to protest if you have accepted to the loss. 7. – IMPORTANT. It remembers that your insurance agency covers the expenses of legal defense, that is to say, that you can choose a lawyer of your confidence so that it takes the subject and it defends to you. Soon their honoraria cover your insurance. It takes advantage of this cover that stops that it payments and, by all means, will defend to you with more emphasis than the contracted ones by the companies. 8. – If the company does not deposit in the Court the amounts that are generated by your injuries within THREE MONTHS, in the end it will have abonarte the total quantity of the corresponding indemnification plus the devengados interests (legal interest of money + 50% and, where appropriate, until a 20% of the resulting amount).