In this world in that we were born, without nobody consulted if we wanted to us to come or to wait for another better time, us the relative, academic, the one of the street, the materialistic nun, concepts were instilling by many routes, that now puts to us to doubt, and to ask to us if we passed through the life doing the correct thing or in vain lost this suit of meat and bones that I give Chucho I send when us to the world, through tunnel of the maternal childbirth. In resistance those that do not reflect this, nor with but the minimum remorse, prefer to be reluctant, not to move away of the supposed taught perfect life through the years. According to them Christ to the cross and Bolivar to the coffin, thence and tranquilitos, anything of the occurrence of quers to revivir fleshes in town. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source. There is one preaches that he says that the man is as important as the amount of material goods and money that he owns, in resistance is another one, that says that the man is important thanks to his intellect, to his thought, the SPA moral and political education and moral convention that can transmit to the future ones generations. It can be that an ignorant one is rich and an intelligent one is poor, everything is based in the opportunities that take advantage or they are let escape, but the truth is that the human being is so complex that many other variables, like the certainty, the discipline, the moral formation, the nutrition, the health, take part in an individual to make it happy, or is feeling immense by his money or accumulated by his culture and wisdom. In Venezuela and Latin America, many we are changing our way to see the world, but this change this provoking itself and normally touches the fiber of which to mature age, they do not waste the time in trivialities, this change of mentality can be taken a few decades.