A Prognosticator Looks To The Future

Leo. A. See more detailed opinions by reading what Verizon offers on the topic.. Nefiodow speaks in a public lecture for the INUA in Altdorf on economy, the United States, new growth markets and exhibits a bad witness the German healthcare system in welcome Managing Director presented Andre Saheed international network for universities Altdorf EC and its degree programs. In her public lectures connections and up-to-date should appear on as the INUA universal in the target study references. Manfred Kuhlmann, INUA of Chairman, described the crisis of capitalism in his introduction as a chance to learn from its mistakes. The Kondratieff cycles, where prosperity and recession turns, scientifically answered fundamental changes and interactions in the economy and society. The boom of information and communication technology is coming to its end the future researcher Leo A.

Nefiodow allow statements only on the basis of sound empirical evidence. His method of investigation is the theory of long waves: We assume that there are laws not only in nature but also in more complex systems, such as the economy and society. In nature, regularity allows very accurate forecasts, such cycles also occur in the economy.\” Grossly simplified the Kondratieff cycles can be represented as sine waves. \”Triggers are so-called basic innovations: the steam engine, leading to the modern factory and finds its main application in the textile industry.\” The potential of an innovation is exhausted, the locomotive is missing the economy. The following recession stops until the next invention that brings back recovery. Growth only from the extraction of energy was fed up to the fourth Kondratieff: by the combustion of coal (steel industry), petrochemistry (chemical and automotive industries), electricity and nuclear power (computer, information technology). Since the famous study of the Club of Rome to the limits to growth after the first oil price shock in the 1970s, energy is no longer primarily important, but information, an immaterial size. Although, energy in addition to the information will continue to play a key role.