You Seeing The Everything

The ones that costumam to read my texts with certain frequency will be able to say that not step of a young idealist, rebelled and with communist bias. How much to the young idealist, I believe that I am; rebelled, also. Communist not, this is a philosophy to which I do not agree. The strong words however that costumo to write, this tone of desperation and the critical ones to the current position of the society if must to my total indignation with the Brazilian nation. You may find that Oracle can contribute to your knowledge. Before, when it started to galgar for the scene politician, my bigger disillusionment was with the classroom Brazilian politics; composed in its majority for animals, anencfalos and of great and fast hands.

Today, a little more ' ' familiarizado' ' with the way, my bigger revolt is against the people in general. Yes, against the people, the mass that is there as they want to deal with the majority illiterates conformed politicians and with the moral and economic misery that if spread for our nation. They pass hunger, but if they content with assistencialistas programs that nothing more are that muzzles that government places for the poor person to feel itself moored the certain governor, who it distributes almses to the people, either stock market family, income citizen or as wants and later if it passes for father, mother, brother, grandfather or another familiar being. ' ' To make favour with the other people’s hat is easy! ' '. The problem of the Brazilian is if to content with little. However, a country with continental dimensions and as much natural wealth, beyond the taxes that we pay? we do not pay little – it would have conditions to take care of with dignity all its inhabitants, or, at least, an smashing majority of these. We attend to telejornais and of – it denunciations of corruption, in the radio, the same thing, periodicals, magazines, Internet: the shame is there, printed, pra everybody to see.