XXI Century Socialism

The Venezuelan business sector has been presented in recent years, with serious problems of survival, operation of SMEs, downtime, inefficiency, for many reasons involving, management, technology, human resources, financing, production processes, quality, among others. There are many SMEs that have closed, are stalled or productivity is not adequate, especially now, when there has been on the national stage. turbulent stage, risky, a product of the actions the new government under the leadership of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez has been proposed by the Bolivarian Revolution institute called XXI Century Socialism, political ideology, that does not share the majority of SMEs many private.

Indeed, the few SMEs that remain have to generate changes in management style, participation, in order to meet the government’s actions, namely address threats and seize opportunities, strengthen their weaknesses, so it requires a new management style that way for a new kind of leadership, more participatory, more inclusive of the benefits of the knowledge to properly handle the human resource we have. You need a manager participatory management style with another, more engaged in learning to use properly the potential of each individual in the organization, giving way to new knowledge management tools that lead to ensure a well-supported organizational behavior of a good organizational climate, where members of the organization are motivated, committed performance that benefits all, ensuring productivity, performance, quality achievements.