Moscow Idea

What is an innovation business – an idea, which invested the money and she began to bring in large cash flows. And where the big money flows, there is a serious relationship. Further details can be found at David Fowler, an internet resource. Correctly say that there is little money to make money, they should also hold. So the author of the idea of innovation is usually one person or a small team of scientists who are working together in the institute devised a new method or idea. For example, the innovation took place in Moscow exhibition being presented by the technology of three-dimensional scanning and recognition of human face. Where can I apply, so wherever fancy enough. This technology was brought from the west to us for a presentation, in which there is London airport, it's already working, and shows himself quite successful. No one hides that the origins of this idea are Russian developers, who allegedly has had fifteen years ago it came up, we had a crisis and technology, as usually taken root in the west, where she realized, and only after fifteen years of top sales.

So this is the technology that was invented even earlier, during the Soviet years, and the student practices decided to implement the idea of his scientific consultant, who made a three-dimensional system of recognition of details yet thirty years ago to this student. But now the student has the right of authorship, and his scientific advisor navryatli. That is especially innovative business. Who is the inventor, which appeared in some scientific research center, when there was talk not about patenting, and the rights of authorship, where the author is just an idea, and the head with it signed, a co-author.