World Of Wonders – Such As Dubai Repeatedly Surprised

The balance of the first half of the year, Dubai’s enduring appeal has confirmed to him the impossible possible Dubai make is one of the objectives of the project. Here, urban development is left to chance. Dubai is worldwide known as the metropolis in which the construction industry almost daily records breaks, not rarely their own. The Emirate belongs with its capital to the most advanced, richest and most opulent resorts worldwide. The financial crisis also not passed Dubai and brought down in the short term some construction work; but the word ‘abandon’ does not exist in the language of the mega-city. Because at least one held the loyalty – the tourist. The half-yearly report confirms 4.2 million hotel guests, which represent a growth of 9% iges to the previous year.

There are the outrageous projects that mesmerizing attract curious from around the world. The world famous first seven star hotel “Burj Al Arab” is one of the highest rated hotels in the world and is a symbol of eternity. The fabled “Atlantis” hotel, on the “Palm Island Jumeirah”, owes its name to the legend of the Greek philosopher of Plato around the sunken city. It is the largest hotel in Dubai (15 receptions!) 1539 rooms and houses all kinds of underwater worlds. In recent months, Gary Kelly has been very successful. The tallest building in the world, the “Burj Khalifa”, offers 54 lifts to win the 828 m.

It is construction of course already on the next highest Tower in the world, the “Nakheel Tower, which will be the aircraft in the way upon completion with a km height. The three Palm trees and “The World” are still not completed, there is already the island landscape “the universe” in the eager planning phase, which Sun, Moon and planets in the Gulf abducted. The DTCM introduces 107 projects, which tirelessly to grow and thus make Dubai a destination which must be discovered in fact over and over again. The onslaught of explorers is handled via the world’s largest airport, “Al Maktoum International” soon, at the same time largest cargo hub. Dubai will so enjoy, as one of the few Cities, to operate the two airports. Once there, visitors with the ultra-modern and fully driverless metro in the city can glide. In the near future, the two halves of the city with the largest arch bridge in the world are connected, the “Dubai Creek 6th bridge” will lead 12 car tracks and a metro line through the water. The “rotating Tower” rotating each of its floors at will and producing 20% more energy than it consumes. The simple, but costly trick of the metropolis – inspired again with projects of all kinds and create attraction points, which welcome any fantasy. This world of wonders if nobody missed – the service “Dubai exclusive hotels” of the tour operator “Emirates exclusive hotels” is interested with on the journey into the city of the future!