Merry Christmas With Happy Danes

Design and Nordic nostalgia * cozy Christmas markets in the world-famous Tivoli Gardens, in the romantic Canal of port of Nyhavn and the alternative free town Christiania * Christmas shopping in the of Copenhagen of city of design * trip to Copenhagen in the context of the TT-Line city trip to Malmo (Travemunde/Rostock to Trelleborg and Malmo and back, two hotel nights from 142 p. P., trip by train to Copenhagen from 25 Euro p. p. back and forth) Hamburg-Travemunde, September 2010 the Danes are the happiest people in the world. This is evident especially in the Christmas season. So on to Copenhagen to the Tivoli to the Fortune-making and hyggeligen”to let light atmosphere.

I’m glad if the arrival is already put in the Christmas mood. For TT-line has taken the right course on its Baltic Sea premium ships between Travemunde and Trelleborg vorweihnachtlich Swedish specialty buffets *. But go with TT-line across the Baltic Sea from Rostock Trelleborg and Malmo and Copenhagen. Arrived in Sweden, Malmo offers a seemingly endless variety with the famous Swedish design and arts and crafts, to find the right gift to the Festival. From here there are only 30 minutes until after Copenhagen to the largest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Scandinavia. Cosy Christmas markets transform the Christmas market in the world-famous amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen every year million incandescent lamps in a sea of lights. The Danes celebrate the feast of celebrations with a large dedication, why, white no right to say. But millions of visitors admire the nostalgic rides each year, taste of Danish Christmas specialities such as venison sausages or Klejner”- warm lard pastry from flour, egg, butter and tiny lemon pieces – before they buy Danish-handarbeiten or cool design. “Another highlight for young and old: the Christmas Elves village Nissekobing” with hundreds of mechanical Elves busily on her big Work day.