World Cup Theres

Whether before, during or after the World Cup – with Decathlon pop up goal conjured up the own football arena! Fun 100prozent. With fevers and being here! Germany is in a State of emergency. The virus? WM positive. We are world champion”, it can be heard from the title of a large, German Boulevard magazine. The joy can tarnish little even a Serbian Intermezzo with Spanish card players.

King motivates football watching and imitating. Whether at school, in the club or just in between no matter the round must in the square. “And it is now even easier: with iconic sports innovation the Kage Decathlon” can large as small now everywhere to the spontaneous soccer game call. Whether on a sand, asphalt or lawn with the Kage is any underground to the sporting arena. Rules? There are no, however:’s should be fun! – As the World Cup level.

True to the Decathlon motto sports experience,”comes the pop up goal in handy packaging by just 45 cm in diameter and 2 kg lightweight, can be built up in a matter of seconds and is just as quickly after the game disappeared again into the roundish bag. “Really clever: the Kage system without fixing, is still stable and turns on by itself again, if man or woman with or without the ball the post” takes. Thanks to polyester and fiber glass poles there is virtually no risk of injury even with heavy usage. Really colorful: Fit for the World Cup there’s the Kage right in various colours. How about green yellow for the true soccer Samba or yellow red for the soccer Fiesta in stylish or better in black and white? Those seeking the football fun in XL, should equal the the Kage with try out 3 meters width and depth of 1.81. With the Kage stage your own World Cup now, wherever and whenever you want!