Many companies believe that alone the fact that they are able perform energy efficiency measures enough to sign up customers for them. But companies and homeowners know usually only general cross-cutting information to this topic. You also do not know about, which architects, which craftsmen are engaged in issues this and there is always the fear of making mistakes, to get overpriced invoices or to be rejected. When we go to a bakery, we are relatively sure whatever we want, thats not the case at an energy efficiency company or a project planner often. If we compare then the more attentive to Baker and the more communication untrained technical specialists, the shyness of the customer prior to such projects is clear.

Companies must constantly working to promote its offer and to build confidence in the relevant customer groups. Also, employees should dominate foundations in the field of communication, good to complete counseling sessions. Finally, companies should have internalized, that the best solution for the customer always the best for “s is company – also if it does not always directly into an order. What is energy efficiency in addition far too little in the focus, is the possibility of future planning. Low energy costs in your own home or additional funds by selling itself generated power help the pension gap. Because energy is definitely not cheaper, they also help to compensate for inflation. Too few capital providers are working on these issues, all the Riester, RAD, society – or capital life insurance should be much more closely aligned on such topics.

Provision for old age through investment in energy saving is considerably more stable than to hope on any positive development in the capital or stock market. Interest in the company to secure the long-term competitiveness is of high interest to the European culture. Profile Helmut Konig author Helmut Konig works as a management consultant with a focus on marketing concepts in the market of the energy-related modernisation. He moderated a network of over 3,500 energy efficiency consultants and writes articles on the subject of management and energy saving. Company Description This is an article by King concept. We are a consulting firm with a focus on sales and organization. We publish regularly on management topics articles. On agreement we develop a special exclusive version tailored to your readership of this article.