Witnesses and Law

A minister spoke, I believe incorrectly, on the proceedings in the abuse of a girl on the subway. Tremendous news in these days of a guy who has abused a young Ecuadorian meter while the cameras were recording everything. Of course, despite the apparent humanity of this country, the truth is that I see in it? Underworld? more people racists and I would like … and can not say that I frequent bad places, but you find them in the most unexpected places. However, with less shock to the sad news, I still was amazed by how his comments on television of Mrs. Dona Esperanza Aguirre, where he claimed that what surprised her most was the passivity of a third man at the scene of crime , ie the child who has now declared a witness to the events (along with images from the camera).

In his view, the scandalized that the young man had not acted in a similar violent situation, defending the girl. Step by step … the thing is a mess. In other words, what a representative policy, perhaps in some way, encourages a citizen to intervene in a scene of violent action? Is not that a mistake? That is, for me, of course, intervene in that particular case, with perhaps opportunities to fix the situation … or worse, which is what our policy can not predict. It is irresponsible, in the case of explanations of a political spokesperson, a public comment until these purposes, and I think that their role is that of inciting another person to engage in violent acts.

That person who is required to be performed may not have the capacity to do so, because we are not talking about a police officer or Civil Guard, trained in these fights. We speak of a man in the street that also has been a victim of the trance, at least to witness acts insulting and being bullied indirectly. We can not ask him to act. We are talking about a situation of violence, not an emergency rescue. Just as we can not ask someone to jump into the water to rescue a person who is drowning if you can not swim, we can not ask anyone to intervene in a situation of risk if it does not, and even if it has, possibilities to control the situation. It’s really irresponsible to encourage that. He advised by a minister is to advise that he had immediately called the security forces, the police, because in a situation of three individuals with one of them out of whack, in this case is worse if you enter one seconds discord. In my view, while people’s lives are not immediately in danger (talk about an assault in this case, not an assassination attempt) it’s best to stay calm, because at that time have been involved would have been even further inflame violent and the situation had worsened. Now, put the victims to safety, the law is that which has to act.