Why Do The Dog Barks?

What should we do when our dog barks too often, too loud and too bad time? Barking is a way to express emotions for the dogs. But our dog barks, too often, too loud and too bad time he can disturb us and people in the area. The tendency to bark is genetic as well as determined by the environment, but can have its reasons in experiences. To make a correct diagnosis of the problem, we must ask ourselves a few questions: when barks the dog? (Night? When he is alone? During thunderstorm?) Where? (Outside? At home? In the car?) When did it start? (Was it always like that? After a specific action?) Is it connected to the bark with a specific factor? (E.g. presence of a person? An item? An other animal?) It is also important whether and how the holder responds to and what he has achieved.

A few reasons of barking can be defined, you should note, however, that each case should be considered individually. 1 barking, to draw the attention of It is important that someone working with him as a dog. This dog is very sociable and wants to be always in the center of attention. He needs lots of exercise, before he is left alone (E.g. running on the bike, long walks). To ignore the unwanted behavior of the dog, and only then to pay only attention to him, if he is good is recommended.

2. barking in the defense of the territory in this way the dog wants the intruder ‘ drive. We must understand us, so a dog can also access. If we want to eliminate this behavior in dogs, we should not alone out there left him, especially during our absence, or during the night. If it is imprisoned at home, he should be quiet. 3. bark from boredom we must provide employment the bored dog, so he can build off his energy. Long walks, which will make him tired are recommended. You should give him whatever toys with which he can deal with. 4. barking from fear by the barking will the dog deter the enemy. We should act slowly and quietly. When he barks, we should pull his leash or give a short command. If the dog calms down, he should be commended. 5. barking from elation this dog is very full of energy. The bark is an expression of satisfaction. In this case, there are also long walks or running on the bicycle is recommended, which can calm him down or tired. 6 bark of longing this problem concerns dogs hanging on a specific person and the presence of other people does not help him. In this case, a behavioral therapy is recommended. These are situations that represent different types of dogs. You must but always keep in mind that each issue should be considered individually. The best is to ask a dog trainer so he correctly recognizes the specific syndromes and prepared a suitable therapy for help.