VVC Client

More recently, thanks to the medullary concept of VVC (life value of the client), the complaints have been perceived like effective means of yield. The VVC (life value of the client) represent all the brought future flows of the client value present net (VPN) and this mainly generates a revolution in the metric ones with which the companies are evaluated, because in no side of the traditional accounting it appears this number. The VVC not only would have to change the traditional metric indicators and, but the form to generally compensate to the executives and the personnel. If compensations were pleased on the VVC the approach of the company not only would be towards bringing new clients, but to retain them and to cause that they grow with time. Returning to the complaints, a possible form to classify them is by the type of contacts: there are idiot contacts and intelligent contacts. An idiot contact is a complaint that would not have to exist but that of repetitive way it happens and not only that, but he is statistically provable (as long as the company takes the registry). The company does not learn and month with month, day with day, is simply in charge to process it, time and time again, focusing to improve the rate of attention of which it would not have to be. It is that to improve the productivity of the service to the client it can cause myopia.

As the complaint occurs by based, the efforts concentrate in managing of the most efficient way the handling process and tactical resolution of complaints. This instead of to ask why reason occurs the complaint and to make a re-engineering of the meeting points bankrupts so that they stop happening. The indicators of call to center have parameters of abandonment of calls, time average by call, call numeral taken care of by worker, among others, when in fact the amount of idiot contacts would have to be moderate and to eliminate gradually them. .