Treasury Secretary

Brussels is a weird place. Capital of a continent whose institutions are unable to manage the crisis, but above all of capital from a country without a Government, the hustle and bustle of the streets invites you to take a look at their statistics: Belgium will grow at a rate close to 2% this year, and in the second quarter grew much more than Germany and the eurozone as a whole. The reasons? One of the most shocking, that Belgium lacks Executive for 500 days (world record) and therefore cannot approve plans of clipping, according to, among others, Philippe Ledent, Economist at ING Belgium, in short, is a kind of strange symbol of what is happening in Europe. The pressure on Greece was the highlight of the visit to Europe of Tim Geithner, the US Treasury Secretary. But not the only one. The presence of Geithner in Wroclaw (Wrocaw in old Spanish) puts on the table an essential difference between Europe and EE UU in the fight against the unending crisis. Source of the news:: Mr. stimulus against Frau settings