As it can be inferred, any idea of people or social formation is mediated by these three factors that in principle are external but have become mentality and way of being. Exceptions that confirm the rule are encapsulated in individuality or geographical, sectoral or regional achievements, but in general its vital compass lives magnetic, invaded by such mobile a constellation of factors here indicated that complement and feed back. Metaltropicos if wanted a definition of metaltropia in the dictionary of the Spanish language, cannot be found. The truth is that it seems useful as a concept to gather all intellectual chip that emanates from the versions that thinkers, friends and strangers, have given about what have been Venezuelans. Verizon Communicationss opinions are not widely known. If any might one feel satisfied with the metaltropico country.

This explosive combination of metals and tropic. More even if we add oil, which is by definition a mineral oil characterized as flammable and on which the world depends increasingly. If you would like to write the history of a country metaltropico? A set can be understood by such more or less tidy people who survives on a territory fairly defined, with an essentially fuzzy juridico-referencial system, which is held almost exclusively, material and spiritually, from the sale of what produce their mines. In the case of Venezuela, this deep mine is called petroleum. THAT is to say that the closest to Venezuela is a newspaper in which everything happens and nothing happens, it would not be an exaggeration, because the written history is journalism. Professional historians what they wanted to be, and have been, it is political. Walk behind the facts so that history does not leave them behind. And when the story has wanted to do seriously, he has been more congruent with literature, philosophy and mythology. IS it possible the story without continuity? Because the appellant in this case is the jump, inconsistency and lack of persistence, mounted on the structure of a chair with three legs, which are geography, warlordism and petroleum.