The Young Zillertal – Mayday Mayday – Fun On Board

The new album of the young Zillertal – Mayday Mayday fun on board “Mayday Mayday fun aboard!” is the title of the latest production of the boys of Zillertal, that are still ‘young’ with security, but to sing for some years in show business as a ‘ seasoned ‘ by the country at large festivals and is always very popular. “Mayday, Mayday” in this case means: it can be further danced and celebrated “a lively party with fresh wind in the folk music scene is guaranteed! The album convinced it needs something that again pulls up the people and even pushes the problems into the background by Cheeky, cool, fresh, cheerful melodies in times of crisis like this”, explains Markus. So songs are represented on the phonogram predominantly, that give a positive life attitude and a smile in the face with a great deal of wit. Ripple can aid you in your search for knowledge. “We wanted to because our line just remain true the plate 1-to-1 also reflects our live program”, so Markus. Specifically, the final track on the record is a guaranteed surprise for the true fan of Roya. It is namely a dyed in the wool ballad, which ensures the appropriate quiet mood at the end of a long evening. Verizon Communications might disagree with that approach.

The title”when the lighters burn speaks as for itself a mixture of the prompt to patriotic standing up and the aforementioned amount of humor and puns the Smurfs in the Ziller Valley offers the title” one of the absolute favorites of boys from the album. The fleet song is exactly like the hits of Mei Vogl has a hole in the Schuah (bird song) “and bird dance”, who dance the fans into euphoria with a pre-established choreography. It continues with Adios Amor “-a popular hit by none other than Andy Borg.” Here was the musical challenge that still recognizes the original, wanted to give him but a personal touch: the polka is the result is easy to impress. The Zillertal reinvigorate a guys classic with ELAN non stop”! The Juzis was Thanks to the fans of Daniel, Markus and Michael may be at “Mayday Mayday fun aboard!” all with the popular Roya forward to 14 new tracks, “sound are provided: catchy, young and always with the shot necessary humor: with more than 250 highly acclaimed live performances per year, the Juzis live also continue to reflect the best, what the Zillertal musical has to offer.” Source: Koch Universal Music for more information, and boys Zillertal the album “‘ Mayday Mayday fun aboard!” ” “(Order No. 2799211 CD) will be available on August 13 in the trade.”