Internet Books

But Nevertheless, even then, that some company may assign this edition number does not show that it is a full publishing house. And by the way, many of these companies just call themselves publishers only at the Based on that number shall be assigned ISBN. In fact, it is wrong and incorrect. And what then? A correct answer – the one and only: The publishers have a system of distribution of publications: the shop (s), or even the network. Or books published in the publishing, easily, automatically, ‘default’ enter the system knigoprodazh. That is, the publishers have established good contacts with the system knigoprodazh. It was only thanks to a streamlined system Book Distribution publishers can accept for publication one or another of the book, to invest in these books their own money and then profit from their sales. That is another indirect indication of this publisher: a certain number of publications (or at all) it produces for its own funds.

A printing company or one that is ‘masked’ by a publishing house, publishes books only at the expense of the author (sponsors, etc.). Yes, there are now more a way to implement the books – via the Internet. However, it is still an additional method. In a serious publisher site for sales of books is, but as a rule, is another means of promotion and evidence imizhda, solidity. And therefore, even if some like ‘publishing’ will issue (printing company prints) your book, and even assign a number to ISBN … – author have to deal with the sale, promotion of books himself. And as … is – you can read here this very useful article.

So, if someone has the idea to create your own publisher, you have to think not about what you are highly trained specialists, which will be a competent staff, and even not about where to find money for the organization’s own printing facilities … (although this is important). First and foremost, we must think about how, how, in what ways will you sell the books published in your most remarkable publishing.