The World

The use of language represents, without a doubt, the most significant change in the epistemological evolution of primates. In the words of H. Maturana (1993, pp. 27-28) the humanity of the human being is made in the domain of relations of the Agency homo sapiens sapiens when it performs its way of living as a being in the language. Language creates the conditions for the expansion and complexity of cognitive variables to which I have referred in the previous paragraph in one dimension and magnitude which makes comprehensible the dazzling creation and development of what we know as humanity, the world of the human beings.

But it should be noted that without the prior existence of the above-mentioned variables were not possible the increase in complexity of the coordinations consensual behavior that were necessary to shoot certain changes in neurological structures that make it possible, in turn, a language structured abstract levels of complexity. The use of the language provides us with a world. The coordinate recursively with the others on the distinctions of language, in a tacit agreement with them, there is a world of objects, words and meanings, how objective and real, logical and semantic, experienced world which, then, we differentiate ourselves ever more clearly as subjects. To create an objective world different and separate from us, the language creates the conditions for the enhancement of a sense of sameness that increases our chances of simulation to unimaginable levels. At the same time, facilitates an extension and complexity increasing our need for recognition and bonding (Guidano, 1994 a;) Balbi, 1994). As pointed out by Maturana (1990, 1990 b) language gives a new dimension of experience to the human primate; experience immediate, sensitive emotional affective dimension, is added, in a continuous working relationship with this, the explanation of that experience, a new experiential dimension that humans can not avoid.