The Front

Now, the second I questions because the truth is that I don’t know, I didn’t known to anyone nor have seen it with anyone, but you know that she is very beautiful would be rare would not have suitors. They finished dinner quite early, Pablo returned home and went up to the study. Visit visit website for more clarity on the issue. The door did not hesitate to become open, placed her coat back and out of the House with a package in his hand.

It didn’t arrive at the House of the parents of Bela. He knocked on the door and asked for her. A few moments then she went and sat in the front square. -I would like to apologise if I have bothered. Just wanted to give you this-. Passed the package which she opened in front of him, as the last time was a box but in this his face had been captured with great beauty. The girl was astonished. This was already too, the situation was beginning to bother her didn’t know if thank you or return it.

He realized. -Do not worry, my gifts do not represent any commitment-. He smiled at him. It’s just that I wanted to thank you somehow your presence, it has been positive for me and I don’t know how to thank you, so I do it this way. I see that it bothers you a little my closeness and try to get away because I feel that it is the best. You know? When an artist has an idea lives with all his being, is as it is night of stars you can feel them in your mind, in your skin and your soul and translate them into a few lyrics, music or like me through painting. An artist has the blessing or the curse of living world within their world and it will be similar to whatever your mood, so every artist you cannot live in heaven or hell depending on how you feel and that will be that reflects in his works.