The Roof

Curiously, the worldwide slate tile slate call. We had to actually have the paradoxical Soviet consciousness, to assign the same name the material, which has absolutely nothing in common with the noble "namesake". How true that is economically profitable copper roof rail? If you just compare the price of materials, they are not comparable, of course, copper sheets costing many times more than the same galvanizing. But as far as the roof, you should take into account such factors as longevity and maintenance costs. While the copper roof, without any care will be a hundred and fifty years, the iron roof of this entire period have often tint (from rust – not to hide or escape), and periodically completely changed, and, together with the whole roof, "pie". Summing up the cost of all materials and labor costs painters and roofers obtain a very disappointing result, one might say, visual confirm the popular wisdom that the miser pays twice.

Appropriate and saying that we are not rich enough to buy cheap things. The copper roof can be considered as a kind of investment in heritage. In fact, it good investment in real estate and demonstration of its concern for the welfare of children. The advantages of the material can be attributed not only longevity, but also "complaisance" for copper available to any even the most complex shape of the roof, while after the roofing is virtually no waste. Modern technology of installation of copper roofs are focused on the use of roll materials.