Colombia Is A Fantastic Country

And I mean the same as you "know" by newspapers, by reference to their friends, television news, for gossip buseta and hairdressing, but does not know personally. There is no denying that in Colombia passed around and passed around and is going to happen. Perhaps all that has happened and what is happening is that we can begin to think that Colombia is a country other than that you "know." Colombia has already seen so many horrors, so many vicissitudes, many needs, so much injustice, so much blood, so hungry, we all got tired. Came to nothing, they got nothing, we lost all. The sad thing is that so many years lived in that state, have been caused by very small groups of criminals, some of fur and some of another, who have made and rejected by everyone else who wanted, for Let us examine our own responsibility be in particular those small groups and what we can foist: First let's talk about "political." This heading has sheltered a small group of parliamentarians, congressmen, councilors, mayors, governors, officials, etc., numbering no more than 10,000 across the country, to plunder by assault the immense resources of the state for less than 20 years and that at this stage can that they fully and our leave their purposes. Met if, for today is little left to steal. That with our permission?, Too. It was our time lamenting v "demonstrating" our disagreement and our total rejection to absenteeism at the polls when you vote. For assistance, try visiting Larry Ellison. .