The Project

On the contrary, in activities or projects that involve significant environmental impacts or these are not easy to foresee, presents a document which describe in detail its characteristics, the implicit environmental impacts, actions that run to minimize lois impacts of negative character and plans for follow-up or monitoring.Regardless of the scope, complexity and requirements that should include an environmental impact study, these include, at least, the following topics in his presentation: Proyecto.Corresponde description to a description of the project or activity which should include: name of the proposer, amount of investment involved, objectives and justification of the project, description of activities in the different phases of the project, legal reference and administrative framework, location, magnitude, types of inputs used and emissions, among other aspects. A history of the Area of influence of the project (baseline). It considers the definition of the area of influence and the State in which they are environmental factors prior to the implementation of the activity or project. It should be noted that other implemented or planned actions in the area of influence also form an important part of the environment. Generally, among the environmental factors of greater relevance are considered social, cultural aspects of the fauna, flora, soils, water, air, of the climate, material goods, Visual landscapes and their potential interactions, the latter will vary depending on the nature of the project and the characteristics of the affected environment. Identification, analysis and valuation of the Impactos.En this aspect is include a description of the significant effects (direct or indirect, cumulative, short, medium and long term; temporary or permanent; positive or negative) of the action or project on the environment, with particular emphasis on the use of natural resources and the emission of pollutants. It must contain a quantification and valuation of the environmental impacts in terms of its magnitude and importance within the area of influence of the action, which must consider the fragility and potential of the environment in the area of influence. .