The Process Of Brewing Mate

Kalabas and fish is – ritual objects, have long been used by Indians of South America, for brewing chaepodobnogo drink mate. Kalabasa – a hollow vessel made of wood or fruit kalabasovogo pumpkin. Kalabasa Pumpkin considered the most accurate, but will not be a big mistake to buy ceramic, wood and even metal container to mate. Kalabas decorated with ornaments, bright painting, burning or scratching. Fish is (bombilla – if translated literally, this 'straw') – a metal or wooden tube with a filter through which the infusion is drunk mate. Traditionally izgotavlevaetsya of silver (at least – from bone, wood or cane), but in recent years, the most common fish is made of plastic. In ancient times, fish is used combined. For example: straw cane, and a strainer – from silver.

Before using kalabasa need to 'revive'. For in this kalabasa half or a little more sleep mate, pour hot water and leave for 10-12 hours, were filled with the spirit to kalabasa mate, this infusion did not drink, (we discuss further kalabasa of pumpkin). Then kalabasa necessary Rinse with clean water and leave to dry. Dry hole up kalabasa necessary to enable it to 'breathe'. Dried it in a ventilated, dry area for 10-12 hours, but be sure to dry completely, otherwise kalabasa can become moldy and it will heal. Kalabasa treat as well as enliven the only difference that in the boiling water add a tablespoon of sugar or honey, and leave the brew in kalabasa for 10-12 hours. 'Animate' kalabasa can also be sweet mate.

Fans of the sweet material is often put honey or sugar to the bottom kalabasa, and then only sleep mate. Sugar can be pre-melted. In the sugar or honey can also be dipped and fish is. The process of brewing: Absorb in kalabasa materials from 1 / 2 to 4 / 5, cover the hole with his hand and shake kalabasa 3-4 times to fine particles at the top and were not subsequently were killed in the fish is. Moisten with cold water to mate the state of a dense mass. Fish is once set, no stirring and no longer removed. Further material is poured high jet of hot water, so that leaves are mixed and evenly distributed throughout kalabasa. The first of the pharynx should be done carefully so as not to burn lips. The water temperature of your choice from cold to boiling water. The higher the temperature, the less material zavarok survive. Add water to material losses can be up to the taste, but if after a high stream surface not drink foams, all useful elements are exhausted. Ritual 'matepitiya': kalabasa passed around the circle, each participant makes a few sips and passes kalabasa, be sure to turn the fish is in the direction of the taker. Transmit and kalabasa take two hands to show respect to the drink and the participants of the ceremony.