The Powers

The constitution determines the limits and defines the relations between the powers of the State and these with its citizens, establishing therefore the bases for its government and the organization of the institutions in which such powers are based. Additional information at Southwest Airlines supports this article. This document looks for to guarantee to the town its rights and liberties. Vista as indeed it is, the Constitution IS NOT " project of pas" , but a set of fundamental rules that they are applied to the exercise of the state power. From the formal point of view, a Constitution defines from the organs and procedures that take part in their adoption, of generates one of its basic characteristicses there: its supremacy on any other norm of the legal ordering. In strictum juris sensum, makes reference to the set of norms, written and not written, that determine the legal ordering of a state, especially the legal parameters for the legal organization of the powers public and their competitions and foundations for the economic and social life, along with the duties and rights of the citizens. Of the aforesaid thing it is possible to emphasize the two characteristics sine qua non of any Constitution: To be the sustenance for the Government, and referring for the institutions of the Powers include/understand that it.

In order to expose it in terms more level, the Constitution is the legal text in which the fundamental principles on which it rests the organization of the State, the limits and the faculties of that State, as well as duties and rights of the individuals are shaped. It is the specific text that almost contains the totality or the totality of the basic norms, and that must be respected by any other norm of rank inferior. A test that the Constitution IS NOT " project-pas" You it can appreciate when observing the democracies more outposts of the world.