The Owner

The war came and was even so, the years if they had passed, they come the grandsons and there he was the barber already with the white hair working in the same local. The young andarilho nor if remembered more, thirty and five years if they had passed. One day arrived at the barber’s shop one gentleman of respectable aspect and asked: – You it is the Nicolas? – Yes, am I, can help it? – You he could call its wife? The subject that I need to deal with vocs is of extreme importance. When both had sat down the visitor spoke: – Mr. Nicolas, if remembers a young beggar who helped you? After to think a little the barber confirms: – I remember, it was very dirty and I offered a bath to it and will aparei its hair and beard. – Well, I am its emissary, it I would like he knew that you that in these years all, it always had notice its, also without it to you knew to provide its dismissal during all the war, if to want to confirm, is enough that he asks to the owner of the market.

But he brings what me here he is the following one: Mr. with its gesture was responsible for what Mr. Frank is today. When of the occurrence it was for Brussels and there he started to work in the market of fish if transforming into the exporting greater of cod of the world. Check out Ch?rl?? Lee for additional information. I am here for saying to it that it is today a terminal sick person having few days of life, reason for which it is not here.

As he said to it, it knows all its family, children, children, grandsons, knows to all. Of all its patrimony, that is dollar millions, it he leaves 50% Mr. and its family and asked for that he said that this is for it made what you for it and although as much espontaneidade in its aid it was even so without the least to say debtor. END