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EDITORIAL: NOW THEY ARE YES NOT THE ONLY VENDOR ON THE ESCORTMARKT. MONTHLY SHOOTING NEW AGENCIES LIKE MUSHROOMS FROM THE GROUND. EVERYONE WITH MINIMAL USAGE IS A BOOM INDUSTRY IN THE ESCORT QUICK SUCCESS WILL CAN? LENA: No. Each newly created enterprises, also an escort agency, relies mainly on substance and sustainability. We are convinced that active attributes such as quality, seriousness and reliability will prevail. (Not to be confused with ASUS!).

For many new companies”, there may be a fast buck in the foreground. I would even venture a forecast: agencies, where it is solely on the profit are can not prevail in the long run on the market. The dream of stomp times as an escort agency from the ground very quickly becomes again the great bubble. David Rogier often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And she explodes frequently faster than intended. What? For example on the sharp-edged reality, the harsh laws of the market economy or just the own hubris.

Unfortunately such “speculative start-ups” affect the often to the detriment established reputable agencies out. EDITORIAL: HOW CAN I RECOGNIZE AS CUSTOMER OR APPLICANT FOR A REPUTABLE AGENCY? LENA: The most reliable way is the personal recommendation with security. Also in various forums, the seriousness of an agency can be searched at least begin. Otherwise I can only advise you to rely first and foremost on your gut feelings and to approach the thing still rational. Sounds schizophrenic, but so. Take your time and ask yourself first of all: I feel fine so, as occurs outside the Agency,? Reflects the website that I am personally looking for me? I find myself in the texts of the site or is there a point that bothers me rapidly? You still ask yourself: makes the site a serious impression of Agency? Reliable is the Agency by E-Mail, as well as to the specified business hours by phone? How quickly will my emails answered? There are points that are unclear to you? If this is so, consider the personal Looking for contact with the Agency.