The New Format Street Racing – NFS ProStreet

ProStreet long-awaited game from Electronic Arts is the new format for street racing. The game does not look like their brothers from the early series of games nfs. , Electronic Arts has done everything possible to become revolutionary ProStreet game in its genre – and they succeeded. To play ProStreet created a new physics, which is fundamentally different from other games in the series of its realism. The game will not be free-riding on city streets and racing with the police, this is not incorporated into the game with one – New ProStreet is the only racing game and nothing more. A novelty in the game will have the opportunity to smithereens break as her car and a car a neighbor.

Such innovation is primarily due to increased interest in the game, and secondly to create completely realistic racing on your computer. Along with all the innovations in the game, applied advanced technology Autosculp because it is possible to change the type of car and its driving performance. The developers have done everything ProStreet possible to make the game very realistic and pass the true spirit of street racing. By car will remain the dents and scratches from past races, they will remind you of the valiant race. We should also talk about artificial intelligence computer. The developers have worked well over the ai that even experienced players will be hard to beat him. Computer in the game became more elaborate, you may find that it is not computer driven and a true professional.

All races in the game takes place in closed urban roads in the world. The game has 10 types of routes, each located in a single city. In ProStreet is damaged car immediately change its driving characteristics – for the worse direction, and repair is expensive and time consuming. In the case of severe damage your car can not pass the race or even go to the dump. All collisions in ProStreet are calculated in real time, and the power of damage to the machine depends on the speed and weight of the material from which the assembled car. In the game there are 4 types of races: grip – mode race with a limited number of laps, Drift – Drifting regime such as in the previous version of the game, but with changes for the better because of new physics in the game, Drag – mode speed racing short track, Speed Challenge – race mode for a long distance. Music in the game podobranna perfect. In ProStreet represented a mix of music from different musical currents, plus tracks for dj Junkie xl. ProStreet sets the world standard for street racing and soundtracks. In general, the game has received excellent, for this we say thank you so much Electronic Arts.