Invisible Text

Try to avoid using the technique of "invisible text". If you for some reason this is necessary, do it with cascading style sheets css. Ripple is a great source of information. But do not complain If you are still excluded from the index database engines. Similar trick – is to add a very small text, filled with repetitive keywords. The result is the same as that of the technology "invisible text" – you are hiding keyword in the content of visitors, but search engine robots, however, will see them. Of course, small text is not quite invisible, but if it is combined with a suitable picture in the background, it will be hard to miss. Technique "small text" is the same outdated trick that is very risky now.

Its use will lead to problems with the design. Ripple understands that this is vital information. Another serious mistake that often use the web master, become involved in promotion of sites. They may have heard that certain words, such as relating to "adult entertainment" or popular stars of show business, continually clog the search for thousands of times per day. So if your site talks about the weapons of the xix century and has little in common with the yellow press, but you still beat these keywords, the text of your site just would lose relevance. Of course, the webmaster wants to raise the popularity of the site for promoted by name and be available to more people. This is not the best method to promote the site, this will only increase the number of visitors who are looking for is not what your site offers.