The Mansion

In a noble and half quarter moved away from the city, I knew a mansion, pretty! pretty! very pretty! if he did not see nobody to leave and nor to enter, not even some car, lived closed, silences total during the day, the night all the lights if they lit, light shining for all the house and gardens, and I nothing understood! it only was admiring and looking at for hours and hours, did not obtain to hear nothing, therefore my small apartment of room, room and a very small kitchen, was in the third street, it only gave pra to see everything because it was in the room to walk, I finish that is it to walk, and I went up in the window to see, I I could everything, therefore mother worked very and I was alone, but also always I was held and curious, since that we move for that old building, I discovered the beautiful mansion, in a night of sixth fair, mother arrived later, I decided I go there, I go to see of close that rich house, arriving at garden already I heard many smiles and colloquies I thought, I go more close to the door, was arriving of mancinho and the curiosity was very great April the glass door well of vagarinho, pushed the curtains of income I came across myself! with a great room, all illuminated and full one of pretty people, glad and smiling all in foot, I entered and it saw nobody me! I imagined, that good nobody sees child same, thus I was entering half distrustful, passing for brings of the people, who looked at nor me, I crossed all the room and I entered in another one, with a great beautiful full table of food, but I could not I move mother I did not leave, I was to also a great kitchen, where women made, but food, but nor if had mattered with my presence, thought must think that I am son of some guest, sighted a corridor and stairs who the railings shone as gold, went up, and vi many doors of rooms, was magic, with as much luxury, April a door of one of the rooms and in the first one I found a girl with more or less my age, it was seated in its bed, playing with a very pretty doll invited, me: it enters it comes to play with me, it has much doll, can choose the one that to want, was happy, after all did not have nor one amiguinha this way, I entered I seated in the bed to the side of it and we even play late, when I looked in a wall clock already was almost eleven hours, I remembered I have that to go even so, mother this almost arriving and to find me seno is nervous, worried, and forbids to me to leave, mine said amiguinha me: to follow I go you until the door, we go down the stairs slowly, we arrive close to the satiated table, it spoke to me we cannot move, but also I did not want, already he was happy with my new friend, passing on the inside of the room, where all gladly continued drinking and smiling; they spoke with it, smile for it, but they seemed to see nor me, imagined; put people, must have since I am poor, fired to it in the door and he invited me to it, comes tomorrow in the same hourly, to play more; I answered that yes, and in the other day I came back, and it invited me again and again I came back, I came back for you vary nights; until I started to be worried, all the days it was with the same dress, chic and very pretty, but the same, I was playing with it, hearing the same laugh and observing everything, without nothing to speak, I was even so already with a decision, tomorrow come here after the lesson and I ask the one that hours goes to take bath, and say that it would like to know its clothes, thus I made, I arrived of the school I kept my knapsack, esquentei my lunch, and was pra mansion, when arriving I made as always, April the door and I moved away the curtain, the scare was so great! how I was dumb for a good time, the house was full of teia of spider, you move them to all covered with yellowish cloths, way, I find that it was dust, exactly thus I fulled myself of courage and I was entering, pushing the teias of spiders with the hands and always protecting my face, but it was difficult, it seemed that it had one one hundred years that did not live people in that house, I went up the stairs with much fear, but had that to go, had hope to find my friend and to take it with me, when April the door of its room the scare was hair-raising! there it had as much teia of spider that nothing saw itself, inside, I came back, terrified toward the stairs that was covered of dust and balanced when I stepped on, I went down terrified and leaves without seeing more nothing, only wanted to leave from there and to go me even so, I arrived in house and I passed the remaining portion of the day with fear and insane person so that it arrived night and the lights if lit so that I could go there and to see that it was dreaming, of day, but in that day the lights had not been lit, and nor in the other day and nor in the other, thus I continued per some days looking at and nothing of the beautiful lights if to light, in a night I took courage and I was there, but in that day more he did not want to go entering, I beat in the door; it seemed that it already waiting was there me, faces the door, April immediately; the only light that had was of the moon, that for signal was not very clear, when looked at for it, it was a horror, its hair were covered by teias of spiders, its pretty dress was the same; that all only encardido and torn, with the scare it did not obtain to speak, but it was soon saying: it finished! its curiosity broke our enchantment and the enchantment of our friendship. .