The Kabbalists

Thus, radio receiver captures transmission only after having changed the frequency on its interior, while the sound waves were always there. The Kabbalists say that we perceive the reality of our environment exactly in the same way, in accordance with the frequency that we generate in our interior. In other words, the reality that surrounds us depends entirely on our internal conditions. Therefore, only we can change it. Do puzzled? Our life is inside us in order to understand the way in which we perceive reality, imagine the human being as a box closed with five openings. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hands. These bodies represent our five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. We perceive reality through them.

The range of tones that can hear, what we can see and others, depend on the perception of our senses. To illustrate the above, give a look to the functioning of our auditory system. First, the sound waves reach the eardrum and make it vibrate. The vibrations move the bones of the ear means that send the signal to the brain. Hence the newcomer information compares with which already exists in our memory.

Based on this comparison, the brain forms an image of the world that seems to exist in front of us. This process creates the feeling that we live in a specific place, but this site is really within us. In other words, the entire process is developed internally. And the other senses work equally. What then, is what truly perceive? Only our reaction internal to an external stimulus, and what really is not out. We are locked inside our box so can not say with certainty what is on the outside. Our images of reality are that have structured our senses along with the information accumulated in the brain. Some years ago, science discovered that electrically stimulating the brain could make us feel as if we were in some place and situation. In fact, scientists who study nature know that each one of the creatures perceives the world in a different way. In relation to the human being, the cat can see in the dark six times more; the sense the dog ear is much more acute and sensitive so you can listen to the sounds before us. The eye of man is adapted to a wavelength that goes from purple to red. That is why we do not see the violet which has a wavelength less than purple. However, bees can perceive ultraviolet radiation and locate different types of flowers. These examples show that if humans had other senses, your perception of reality would be completely different. Everything depends exclusively on the change of our inner qualities. For this reason, the purpose of the science of Kabbalah is show us that to transform us (and do so quickly in the course of a life) started to transcend our earthly existence. The body remains here and we continue to live our usual life with our family, children, the world and society; but in addition to all this, we perceive the higher reality.