Hairstyles With Your Hair Iron

Many women like to have a curly hair, since it makes them look very beautiful, so that’s why using the well-known plates for hair so make this objective. But he is difficult to many women who want a curly hair to get it, and this reason is very simple, is because they don’t have knowledge of the steps required in order to obtain a curly hair. To broaden your perception, visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . Until you start ironing your hair so that you leave it curly, it is important you’re prepared with everything that is necessary to achieve this, you must use a comb that is small and flat so that you help with the iron, also you must have a brush with which you can style your hair, and of course and important hills that you must have is a plate for planches you hairespecially if this is an iron with ceramic plates, since they are much better and you avoid in that your hair will you abuse. -We divide the hair by grasping the sides, front, the Crown and the rear zone. -Get small partitions starting at the nape, we will apply shield dry and if you want the result to be natural not apply lacquer, on the other hand if we want to achieve more fixing use lacquer before and after the loop.

-Hold the hair and place the iron at the root, turn 90 until it reaches the tip and enrollaremos hair on the iron up to the root. Recently Ron sought to clarify these questions. We must bear in mind that the tip is always inside the iron, since but would be badly worsted. -First movement, we can observe how after placing the iron at the root, performs the rotation of 90 . -The second movement, stretch the hair until the tip is also inserted inside the iron. -The third movement, enrollaremos hair on the iron until you return to the initial position (root). -To obtain a good curl at the end of our work of art with the iron us help with your fingers to shape your hair better.

-After making the back of the neck, we will continue making partitions very fine until it reaches the top of the Crown and also joining with the sides. -In the upper zone need to create volume, since but would be a Decompensated hairstyle. For do it, you only catch the hair upwards from the root and make a subtle move inward, leave on for a few seconds and you will get a fabulous volume. -In this case the fringe will it smooth since it is short and straight, if it were ladeado could perform a small wave on the tip to thus harmonize the hairstyle. -When we have all the hair with these perfect curls, we will place with head down and despeinaremos them a bit to finally secure with lacquer. -Another option to undo a little styling is use the dryer and slightly stretch the curls down. This will break us more marked wave and will look more natural. Original author and source of the article.