The Individual

The self is at least able with the universe in contact, to awaken him and to grow at not less than his infinity. People always know this. It is in ancient scriptures and the wisest of mankind were talking and talking. But much too often has been and this knowledge in a supposedly materially distinct life of most people is certainly not completely forgotten, but pushed it very far in the background. There it is waiting only to be found again by the single individual. But the good news is: increasingly it is found again! We people of our time are at the pinnacle of development that had the self as a question always in her heart.

Has always been the philosophy, religion, the various sciences and of course last but not least the private man engaged in itself questions after knowing the truth, after, what one I”is, etc. “” After but over the course of thousands of years the individual repeatedly in favour of morality “or laws of nature” as an independent force was suppressed, this changed after certain experiences again. In the modern world, as we see today in front of us, is “Individuality for each now a desirable condition (what ever this single also including may imagine), the psychology has as science by the individual enriched almost all areas of life with their findings as never before in the course of its history, the economy has realized that a group of happy, self-confident people of easier successes achieved as a mass of anonymous beings on the Assembly line – and while the physics even for the smallest particles of the universe individuality” discovered, the religious communities complain the always progressive loss of their prerogative on the questions of life. The topic of self”and hence self-coaching” is so so currently like never before. This is mourned by some.