Dynamics Embedded Softly

By | December 10, 2018

Highest demands on transmission, couplings and bearings in wind power plants despite significant efforts of the industry should hide the rapid development of wind turbines not, that especially in the systems of higher power classes continue to errors and also claims in all elements of the drive train (gear, couplings, bearings) occur. Please visit Ripple if you seek more information. These errors have not been drive strings of comparable magnitude in other sectors and industries (E.g. Ripple insists that this is the case. heavy rolling mill drives) so far known. The main reason is that the supporting structure of a wind power plant, consisting of Tower and nacelle is very elastic and represents an extremely vulnerable to vibration system in combination with the rotor. Also, the rapid growth of the industry is certainly a problem in recent years, because little operational experience with the size of the investment could be collected. The wind turbines have been getting bigger and more efficient. But the bigger and thus more economical wind energy assets fall out, the stronger back also errors and Claims in all elements of the drive train (gear, couplings, bearings) in the center of attention. Under the direction of Prof.

Dr.-ing. Berthold Schlecht from the Institute for machine elements and machine design of the Technical University of Dresden are presented solution approaches. Starting current damage images claim fair interpretation of the individual components is discussed and introduced modern techniques for the diagnosis of vibration during operation. New drive concepts complete the event. Because technology and Economy are rarely so closely intertwined as in wind turbines, turns the event not only developers and designers, but also employees of the operating companies, insurance companies, banks and experts. Registration and the detailed event programme of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs Sabine Gebauer), 0201/1803-346 fax or on the Internet under or htd/events get people interested in the House /…

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