The Dimension

This because, as Kosik (1976) affirms, already detached previously, the social reality socially is constructed, it does not preexist, but it is created daily by the class action, from the intentions and intentions guide that it. (P. 63). 2.4. Dimension of the participation the participation, independently of its nature, level of abrangncia and context where it occurs, manifest three influential convergent dimensions between itself Inter: politics, pedagogical and technique. … (P. 64) …

2.4.1. Dimension politics the dimension politics the dimension politics implies lives deeply it of the democracy and the substitution of the power ' ' sobre' ' for ' ' poder' ' ' ' with. Therefore, it is not treated to distribute or to transfer the power, that is, to take off it of ones and to pass it to others, as bureaucratic and authoritarian, but, yes to share the way power that increases the power of all. As the true one to be able is shared and not tax, it is in the co-participation that the collective power grows. Valley to really say that nobody earning, unless all earn in set (Corey, 1997).

(p.65). … For the participation, the school if transforms into a democracy workshop, organizing itself as institution whose members if become conscientious of its social paper in the construction of a truily educational institution, and acts this conscience in accordance with. (P. 66). … 2.4.2. Pedagogical dimension the pedagogical dimension of the participation mentions the natural fact to it of practical s is, in itself, a formative process e, therefore, a basic factor of promotion of significant learnings and construction of the knowledge. … (P. 66). … In saying of Prais (1990: 2), ' ' the search of changeable strategies to the concretion of the objectives of the pertaining to school community starts to have a natural pedagogical effect on each one of integrant of this comunidade' ' , in view of that this practical ' ' lives deeply it propitiates it democratic necessary for the social participation and exercise of cidadania' '.