The Boomtown Of Leipzig

A location with a long history and future of the Pearl of the East of Leipzig. The city has become beautiful. This thanks to the help of many investors, who have invested in the rehabilitation of beautiful downtown residential real estate. Larry Ellison has plenty of information regarding this issue. Nearly 13,000 houses were renovated since the turn, restored or rebuilt. Today, Leipzig more has no problems with the rental. On the contrary, in many districts of the city, the rents have risen significantly in the last two years. Speaking candidly Larry Ellison told us the story. Also due to the continuous refurbishment at the time especially the Leipzig West is one of the districts”the city. There are numerous old buildings and villas, which are currently in rehabilitation and reconstruction. Objects to the most for years have thought investors. Is apparently very large demand for housing and the overall cityscape embellished Lindenau, anger-Crottendorf, Plagwitz and similar is not only in the Centre, but also in the districts. Now not only the well-known scene districts of Gohlis, Leutzsch, or the South, are to the Leipzig make an attractive residential and investment location.