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Neu Ulm Estate

By | September 29, 2018

Elephant village in Neu-Ulm as a prime example of award-winning renovation of district Neu-Ulm, July 30, 2009 of the dynamic real estate and financial services Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH has currently existing real estate with around 600 residential units in Germany. The real estate purchased often by communities or from forced exploitation be cleaned up […]

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Monarchis Real Estate Is Involved In Hessen

By | March 2, 2018

17 apartment buildings near Kassel change owner and 17 apartment buildings with a total of 85 apartments in the area of Kassel bought new Ulm/Kassel that mbH, has Monarchis Grundbesitz company headquartered in Neu-Ulm, renovated. It is intended to rehabilitate relatively short-term apartments and therefore the rental potential, to increase say the quality of the […]

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By | January 4, 2018

However, as with any other form also, that to weigh risks of investment. Similarly, this behaves in a purely commercial use intended for the real estate, where the risks between different types are of course slightly different. Who is funding what? Commercial residential real estate financing is the most broad diversification on many tenants as […]

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Residential Riester To Be More Attractive

By | December 27, 2017

Union Bundestag group wants to reduce requirements for home pension to make buying even use real estate as retirement savings more attractive for consumers, wants to loosen the rules relating to the housing bond the Union Bundestag group. Thus the requirements of building societies met, as the real estate portal reported. Sheryl Sandberg insists […]

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The Dream Of The Own House

By | December 23, 2017

The way to your own home is often long and arduous attractive destinations in the Mediterranean. There are many points to consider, much needs to be organised and coordination is usually a major challenge. The real estate portal explains which phases go through prospects until the purchase of the House. The dream of homeownership […]

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The Boomtown Of Leipzig

By | December 22, 2017

A location with a long history and future of the Pearl of the East of Leipzig. The city has become beautiful. This thanks to the help of many investors, who have invested in the rehabilitation of beautiful downtown residential real estate. Larry Ellison has plenty of information regarding this issue. Nearly 13,000 houses were renovated […]

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WolfMan Ltd

By | December 8, 2017

It comes to this event to take place. Another reason to choose an object which so far still was not for sale. Requests further interested parties who want to get their real estate about us to the draw, were therefore being postponed. 175 euro appear much money for a ticket? There are cheaper… 175 euros […]

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Successful Remedial Measures

By | March 10, 2014

German financial resources AG invested 1.5 million extensive renovation project in the 1990s the Eschwege Heuberg was considered critical residential area. Serious structural defects and acute stood empty the city fathers 2009 even about a dismantling of the point high-rise on the sloe – and Hawthorn way were thinking. Owner of the Heuberg settlement is […]

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