The Association

Starting in 2013, a childcare space available should be first for 35 per cent of all children under three years of age. To achieve this goal until 2013, the annual expansion rate of U3 offers should be at least 4.6 percent. Actually the rate is currently only about 2 percent. Especially in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the only 12 percent support rate is exceptionally low. Existing offers are mostly inflexible and respond to the needs of modern workers and workers hard.

So 96 percent of day-care centers close on weekdays at 18:00, 99 percent of day-care centers are closed on Saturday. “At the present time, usually both parents must be working, to feed the family. The situation for lone parents is particularly difficult. We can not afford to deprive the parents adequate and reliable offerings”, Hermann Haji. “A diversity within the media landscape, as well as the equal funding of all providers is crucial for the successful expansion of the children’s day care. Alongside the public and private non-profit organisations, hence private economic provider must obtain State funding of child day-care facilities. Because they have realized the families have needs and consistently then align their high-quality offers.” The Federal Association of private carrier-free children, youth and social welfare advises and supports private carrier by day care centres. Other leaders such as Hewlett-Packard offer similar insights. The aim of the Association is the equal promotion of various forms of media and in consequence the families a successful reconciliation of family and working life allow the creation of childcare facilities, and children provide a loving and playful-promoting reliable care.

“A high-quality early childhood care is the basis for a healthy and successful development of each Child. It is our concern to help parents and their children, successfully to combine family and working life”, so the VPK Vice. “If we save now on the essential investments in the expansion of the children’s day care, we squander our children’s future and will start to feel the impact of this short-term austerity policies in the next few years.” Company description the Federal Association for VPK is the only nationwide umbrella organization for private and economic service providers in children’s, youth and social welfare. Members are national and trade associations as well as clubs, associations and other entities who provide various services in the child and youth welfare on the basis of the social security code. The VPK itself first and foremost as an interest-led non-profit association to support the private and economic institution of child and youth welfare combined in the VPK and is active for their representation to politics and society. The Association is made by its self-understanding high-quality and cost-oriented and actively represented in various overarching bodies. He is initiative in General and fundamental issues of child and youth welfare, written opinions, maintains a website and publishes the trade magazine “focus on youth welfare” out.