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Outsourcing Theory

By | July 23, 2017

What is outsourcing? Relatively recently in the Russian language, a new borrowed from the English word – outsourcing. In translation outsourcing means "take away outside." Definitions of this concept, there are many, Here is one of the most concise: outsourcing – it's possible to optimize organizational performance through the transfer of non-core functions to external […]

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Management Resources

By | December 21, 2015

And the pendulum begins to swing managerial decisions in the opposite direction. Management resources more effectively focus on solving problems is not survival but development: what more can improve the quality of work, the sales volume, with the help of which retain the right people in difficult times? As the remaining staff dedicated and loyal […]

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Consumer Confidence Index

By | October 29, 2015

Consumer confidence index in the spring of 2008 fell to the level of spring 2005 and was 44%. In autumn 2007 the figure was 58%, and the spring of 2007 – 76%. This is the sharp decline in the index on record since 2001. Methodology calculating the index of consumer confidence is to assess the […]

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Customer Comments

By | October 13, 2015

For example, there are Customer Comments such as: – you cal at the most unbelievable times! You are totally irresponsible attitude to work! If the breakdown time was the place to be, you can answer this: – Yes (pause 2 seconds), you’re right (pause 2 seconds), some change in terms of really happened (Pause 2 […]

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