Federal Tax Service

– the environment – the situation in the industry in the region and others. 2. Control and reduction of costs is necessary to establish a plan to reduce costs, which should include basic and the most significant item of expenditure. Savings on low-value goods or services is unlikely to bring tangible benefits. One way to reduce costs may serve as outsourcing certain activities of the company, For example, services for accounting, maintenance of computer equipment and so on. Would also like to point out that outsourcing can be used not only for the complete replacement of some units, but partial transfer of a certain segment of hard work the company specializes.

At the same time, outsourcing can reduce the number of employed personnel in the company and thereby reduce costs. In the current Today the situation can not be considered taxes and wages as the cost and time to "freeze". Delay in tax payments may result in sanctions by the Federal Tax Service, and payment of wages is demoralizing employees and may cause loss of the most valuable employees. Third-party consultants in the field of taxation and audit will help develop a legal tax optimization schemes and expeditiously implement the suitable for your company. For example, has enacted amendments to the , which allow the amount of vat payable divided into three stages. It is very important today to monitor changes in tax legislation. There is a high probability that some time will have additional opportunities that companies can take advantage of the performance of their obligations, including, and income tax.