The term streetwear means more than just street clothes. Do you know what is streetwear? If not, you have a double problem. One probably already have your best years behind, because you are probably 40 or older. On the other hand, it is not so easy to remedy this knowledge gap, because streetwear is not easy to explain. Nevertheless it should seek here once all gross simplifications, which brings about something now again. Streetwear is a particular way of dressing. Literally translated from English it means as much as what you wear on the street”. All this can of course in principle once be but as it is with fashion terms, a very general term has gained in this case a quite special significance.

Streetwear was something like early 1980s therefore indeed the presumption that you are already beyond the forty, if you do not know it. Rather it’s beyond the forty-five, if we want to be honest. Initially was streetwear HipHop about worn mainly by the followers of certain styles of music,. It was also closely related to skateboarding, breakdance and graffiti. You wanted to stand out from the crowd of men and this gradually created his own uniform. Typical is a next, loose cut, based on work clothes.

Also printed T-Shirts and certain accessories are included. Now an entire fashion industry has arisen to the streetwear around in typical fashion terms of streetwear for men”. This turned that wanted to originally be streetwear naturally into its opposite and going same way as so many other trends before.