Software To Find Liquidity

PHPW that optimize inventory management and operations management in times of financial and economic crisis the acquisition as well as the proactive planning of income and expenditure is essential for survival. Right now, companies need an effective liquidity management. In many small and medium-sized enterprises often manually held in accounting. That takes time and often conceals sources of error. The new software PHPW operating management can afford remedy here. Almost all sectors are currently suffering from declining margins and sales decline. This year, the Association feared a drop of in production by up to 20 percent German mechanical and plant engineering (VDMA). Especially the automotive suppliers are suffering during the crisis, sales declines of up to 40 percent are not a rarity.

It is all the more important for them to know where they stand financially and what liquidity gaps open up at any time. To maintain the liquidity in the eye, are data from financial accounting, credit plans, ordering, order management, the receivables and liabilities at the same time and currently considered. Consider payments from customers, but also payments such as fee payments and rent. With a functioning stock management, error sources, such as double paid bills or lost delivery notes can be found at any time and traced. The new software PHPW (PHP ERP) the company Optibit GmbH & Co KG i.

gr. allows companies, ad-hoc to capture their cash and cash equivalents, to check at any time and to predict the future. PHPW is a unique commercial solution to the management and handling of the ongoing business in just one program. Unique because it is the first platform-independent and capable of online operation management system with integrated accounts on the market, so Andreas Hoffmann of the Optibit. The software is the development of an Internet merchandise management with integrated financial accounting and order processing. In short a billing program with automatic accounting.