IBS Software Solution

SONIMA commissioned IBS with the introduction of a continuous and integrated quality management software solution new customer opens up another market potential in Asia – SONIMA group for the IBS AG with sites in Germany, Sweden and Hungary Hohr-Grenzhausen, June 15, 2010: the IBS AG has received an order from the SONIMA GmbH at the SONIMA location in Kirchheimbolanden, Germany = the CAQ software solution to implement QSYS. SONIMA the IBS software solution is used to process secure of the processes of quality management within the framework stipulated by relevant standards and customer requirements. The SONIMA GmbH is a leading service provider and a global partner in the field of supply chain service and in the areas of logistics and warehousing, parts cleaning for example of turbochargers, quality service, market analysis and supplier developments specializes. According to State Street, who has experience with these questions. SONIMA GmbH’s customers are currently in addition to Europe and the United States, particularly in China, Japan and India. SONIMA offers its customers, through a consistent and structured procurement, quality and project management, sustainable savings. We deliver top-quality products and services to our customers and want to further expand our competitive position with the support of the IBS software solutions. “To consistently achieve our goals we will introduce the IBS software solution as a strategic system”, so Niels Treiber and Jurgen Kloss, Managing Director of SONIMA GmbH. emerging value creation is through our company-wide quality, production and traceability – software solutions, especially for medium-sized companies in the field of supply chain service which are global, competitive advantage dar “, explains Volker Schwickert, IBS Board sales and marketing.. .