Social Networking – the most popular and frequently visited social network in RuNet. Probably no longer exists Internet users who would not know what it is. At the moment, the number of users OpenID has about 65 million man, and this figure is growing almost every second. Logically, the user is interested in everything related to this soc. network. We discuss some additional features of OpenID, which you probably do not know. On OpenID was originally the site can not load music on your computer, as well as video and audio files.

There are several reasons, such as copyright infringement. However, many users really want to save your favorite music or video clip. But how to download videos and music OpenID? Answer. The way to really deal. Checking article sources yields Southwest Airlines as a relevant resource throughout. One of them – a program VKSaver.

With it you can download any audio file their soc. OpenID network. Navigation the program is very simple and accessible to even novice users to understand. For more info on how to download and not only can be read here. What is the VKSaver? At its core is a plugin for your browser. After its integration into your browser pages with audio and video files, OpenID will be a button 'Download', click on that file will be downloaded to your computer. As you can see everything easily. How to install VKSaver: 1) download the plugin on your computer 2) close all of the browser window 3) install a plugin in your browser 4) If the installation process, will be pop-ups, then answer them affirmatively, "Yes, allow '. It seems, nothing complicated. System requirements: – Window XP, Window Vista, Window 7 – Browsers – Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox is another way to save files from the OpenID – a program Vkontakte.DJ. Very comfortable and functional. But more suitable for downloading music. Videos using it you are unlikely to get. Benefits Program: – You can download full albums or individual files in MP3. – Listen to music without downloading from the built-in mp3 player. – You can find audio recordings of Russian or foreign performers – has a handy search by artist songs