So Paulo

Until middle of years 90, this type of psychological riot was almost a monopoly of those professors who work in public schools. Today, it affects equal amount of educators of particular colleges. Always it was part of the challenge of the teaching to manage adolescents with hormone in boiling and the natural desire of the age to defy the rules. The difference is that, today, in many cases, the commercial relation between the school and the parents if overlap the authority of professor. ' ' I heard in many meetings with coordinators the reminder that the parents and the pupils must be dealt with as customers and, as such, always have razo' ' it says Gig boat Gritti de Barros of 54 years, teacher pensioner. During 33 years it gave to lessons of history for pupils of 5 series in particular colleges of So Paulo. In some schools, the fear to dislike the parents and to lose the pupils finishes if overlapping the necessity to impose order in the classroom. The position leniente with disciplines is justified, in part, for the increasing empty wallet number.

In five years 2000 new particular institutions of basic and average education had been opened, while the amount of pupils remained unchanged. It sees 11 of May, 2005 The heading calls the attention the reader and makes with that the same it starts to interpret what the producer is wanting to say. Soon we can interpret who are the main personages who live this drama daily. In the case, the professors. From there, already we can inquire which or which are the causes of this ' ' medo.' ' When adentrarmos in lead of the news article already we obtain to identify through the word ' ' indiscipline, ' ' the root cause of the fear that if spreads between the professors.