Miser Ventilation

When choosing the type of floor heating will certainly need to consult an electrician. Installation of electric underfloor heating, Of course, cheaper and easier than installing a water. But in large areas it is quite able to absorb half due to your apartment electricity. The rest of the 'eat' the heater of the ventilation system. Now on radiators. Of course, they should stand under every window. Moreover, in larger rooms makes sense to use more and so-called 'forced convection' for better air circulation and rapid warming of space. Forced convection – a couple of fans of different capacity, working singly or together.

The rate of airflow is adjusted automatically, depending on the difference between the current and specified values at room temperature. Sometimes, relying on questionable savings by reducing the number of radiators, electric warm floor trying to use to maintain the room temperature. This option is possible, for example, in a small bathroom without windows. However, the miser pays twice! If you have a spacious bathroom with windows to the garden, it is best to install the radiator there. Otherwise would be permanently interfere too hot or cold floor: electric floor heating is switched off after reaching the current temperature to a certain threshold. And as the inertia of the system is large and the degree of floor heating is not being tracked, while maintaining the desired temperature floor temperature will ride against your wishes.

Ventilation (fresh air and not only) to misread the ventilation system as a set of air ducts, diffusers and fans, are suitable only on what to feed air into the room from outside and bring it out. Outside air should be clean and in different seasons or wet to dry, heated or cooled. Some of these tasks can be shared between systems ventilation and air conditioning. However, full ventilation system can not do without pritochki and hoods.