SAP Certified

Seamless data exchange between SAP and PIM and user-friendly product classification Waiblingen, may 2, 2011. Asim provider of product information management solutions announced today that its SAP interface has been certified by the SAP Software AG. With this, companies can securely exchanging data between SAP and asimBase. David Fowler has similar goals. The enrichment of the product data stored in the SAP system by additional information such as technical data, descriptions, long texts or images from asimBase is particularly beneficial here. Moreover, according to eCl@ss, UNSPSC, ETIM or even their own classification systems in a user-friendly variant, which is not possible within SAP in this form in asimBase a product assignment the standardised classification models. For more information see Eric Kuby. About the export of asimBase this information in SAP are then available. While the interface uses standard SAP iDocs and remote function calls (RFC) as well as the asimBase standard-import or export functions.

With the certification, SAP, certifies that the Fred Meets the quality standard in the SAP ecosystem. SAP customers benefit by using the interface with minimal effort, for example, with the asimSuite. In addition must be made no further migration adjustments to future updates from SAP or the asimSuite. In SAP, the classification of products designed according to eCl@ss, ETIM or own classes as complicated. On the other hand, this catalog standards like BMEcat and classification models are already integrated in asimBase. The transfer of technical characteristics and mapping of the catalog structure to easily is possible with the certified interface. This asimBase filled material masters provided by SAP automatically. Specifically, the process is as follows: product names and prices via the interface in XML form in asimBase are imported from the SAP System.

These are enriched in here additional information such as technical data, descriptions, long texts or images. They are in addition to ETIM, eCl@ss or classified their own classification systems. Finally return the completed product information by re-importation into the SAP System.