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Of 25.7. 8.8.2010 dull Entertainment GmbH company from Grafenau organized an exclusive 16-day journey back to Namibia. Scott Kahan contributes greatly to this topic. This trip was researched in 2008 for the first time for a big customer as incentive travel, planned and carried out with great success. During this trip, you can meet Namibia from its most beautiful side. Because this time of year in the southern hemisphere, it is winter, the temperature is at 25 c during the day. The air is dry and at night it is pleasantly cool.

The rivers have dried up, so that accumulate many animals at the water holes. In the dry season, there are no mosquitoes. A malaria prophylaxis or other vaccinations are generally not necessary. In Namibia clean drinking water from the tap, the people are friendly and speak English, sometimes also german. The crime rate is very low. There is democracy for nearly 20 years. Also, Namibia is encouraged by EU promoting tourism. There are beer after German purity law, current with 230 Volt, cell phone reception, Internet and Wi-Fi.

The food is exceptionally good. The journey is by Gunter Dull, the Managing Director of dull entertainment, personally led. With 3 all-wheel drive vehicles the small tour group to the most beautiful places of Namibia will continue, through several climate zones and including two deserts (Namib and Kalahari) and the Atlantic Ocean. You can observe elephants, Lions, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, Zebra, kudu, Springbok, birds and many other animals in their natural environment and from a very short distance and take pictures. (There are some animals hundreds or thousands). At night, you will see the most beautiful starry sky in your life. Sees bright light not only the milky way about themselves, you can take pictures of the Lunar craters with a normal digital camera. On the stages, it will always give the opportunity, stop to enjoy the silence and the vastness of the landscape. An almost unimaginable, absolute silence. The vehicles are equipped with navigation and radio equipment equipped, so that communication between the individual vehicles is possible. The distances between the individual stages are from 120 to around 300 km and without time pressure. The nights and meals are selected and exclusive lodges. Everywhere there are very good beds, great bathrooms and showers, towels, bath towels, hair dryer, shower gel, shampoo, etc. Everything is very clean and is located in the 4-5 star range. There are enough possibilities to rest, swim and Sun at the pool and sleep out because we’re going every day. Is an all inclusive trip, which includes the following services: flight from Frankfurt to Windhoek and back (incl. VAT and taxes) rail & fly, train to the plane rental vehicle (double cab 4 x 4) with unlimited kilometers, all insurances and fees fuel Street card fee for cleaning the vehicle accident insurance for the vehicle 13 nights in lodges and guest houses with high standard (sometimes 5 *) Safari/Sundowner drive in the Kalahari of three-hour Quad bike tour in the desert lion feeding all meals (dinner, breakfast and sometimes lunch) all drinks to meals, all drinks (it gives very good beer and excellent South African wines) while driving (water and juices) navigation equipment radio equipment national park fees entrance fees, park fees for the vehicles in national parks the complete itinerary with travel prize can be requested by eMail to. Deadline for registration is the total or Brade of travel. The number of participants in this exclusive group is limited to 12 persons (3 vehicles).